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June 1st:

June 2nd: 21 Savage JLL 3-11pm

June 5th: Dept. Homeland DC 11-2

June 6th: IRS Lanham 11-2

June 7th: Chris Stapleton JLL 3-11pm

June 8th: Niall Horan JLL 3-11pm

June 9th: John Fogerty JLL 3-11pm

June 12th: Dept Homeland DC 11-2

June 13th: Fairfax Gov 11-2

June 13th: Barley Naked Brewing 3-9

June 14th: Dept Homeland DC 11-2

June 15th: Star Hill Brewery 2-9

June 16th: Port City Fathers Day 12-7

June 19th: Gateway 95 Lorton 11-2

June 20th: Private Lunch 11-1

June 20th: Santana JLL 3-11pm

June 21st: Grupo JLL 3-11pm

June 22nd: Luke Bryan JLL 3-11pm

June 23rd: Lavendar Oaks 1-5

June 25th: Fairfax Gov 11-2

June 26th: Dept Homeland DC 11-2

June 27th: International McLean 11-2

June 28th: Hardy JLL 3-11pm

June 29th: Tarara Winery 3-9

June 30th: Port City Brewing 12-7

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