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Jan 3rd: Gateway 95 Lorton. 11-2

Jan 4th: Dept. Homeland Security. 11-2

Jan 5th: Lost Boy Cider. 4-830

Jan 9th: Canceled **Weather**

Jan 10th: Tysons Corporate Center. 11-2

Jan 11th: Barley Naked Brewing. 3-8

Jan 12th: IRS Bldg. MD. 11-2

Jan 13th: Starr Hill Brewery Richmond. 12-9

Jan 14th: Port City Brewing. 12-7

Jan 16th: Canceled **Weather**

Jan 17th: 1000 Independance Ave DC. 11-2

Jan 18th: Fairfax Government Center. 11-2

Jan 20th: Strangeways Brewing. 1-8

Jan 23rd: Dept. Homeland Security. 11-2

Jan 25th: Lost Boy Cider. 4-830.

Jan 26th: Old BustHead Brewing. 12-8

Jan 27th: Barley Naked Brewing. 3-9

Jan 28th: Death Ridge Brewing: 12-5

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